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Our Team.

Our team of highly effective, skilled, graceful practioners are diverse, joyful, talented and ready to serve belovedly.

 Nikki Janzen

With over 25 years of building beloved communities, Nikki  Janzen has used the racial and socio-economic tension in her life to learn how to build bridges and heal her self and others. Known in the poetry community as "Darlin" Nikki, she is a World Champion, Grand Slam Champion, Award winning teacher of the year with a Masters in Multi-cultural education and undergrad in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences; more importantly, she uses her words to cultivate healing spaces, knowing that racism hurts every one, and truly believing we are better together, she creates brave spaces, where participants can use self-relection and joy to overcome any challenge. 

Project Director; Social Justice Educator, Restorative change agent,

Spoken word Slam Champion, mixed media artist

Spitfire Shine

With decades of facilitation, acting, singing and performing  experience, Spitfire Shine, works to empower others, to see their gifts and share them with others. This Grand slam champion, is an entertainer and can cultivate a beloved space in any community. 

JD the Poet

This published author is a poet with the mission of Liberation for all humans from the shackles of injustice, racism, sexism and poverty through the knowledge of self, history and science. His work is forged from pain into the fire of peace as a lifestyle, understanding as the key and love as the language.

     His poetry book Written in Blood: Post-Modern Penitentiary Poetry i s essential reading to understand how and why so many people are physically incarcerated or in mental prisons of poverty and spiritual debt. The poems can each stand alone, yet together, they tell a story of the problems bestowed on poor people by the moneyed elite, terror created by the prison industrial complex, the ills of godless religion, and misplaced love. People are hurting and are in need of a solution.

Alubum cover of Healing Broken with mother and son
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