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Building bridges of understanding, transforming a better world through restorative poetry.

This site has been created on a humble journey to humanize education and institutional practices through the use of a restorative framework centering identity and creativity. As an educator, the process of harnessing dignity has been powerful yet hard to seek out. I offer this knowing the root of restorative practices comes from indigenous cultures that have been passed on and shared with me in various forms. By using these practices the capacity for joy, healing, progress, and learning grows. Too often the systematic education separates human and does not serve to meet the needs of whole humans. We have the opportunity to use this wisdom, listen to each other, build bridges of understanding among diverse people. Education happens all around us, not just in classrooms, so why not use the plentiful world to make learning and sharing fun, exciting, equitable and safe?

If you share these activities with children, be sure to choose examples that meet the needs of the students and are at an appropriate emotional level. Using these prompts with discussions, examples and positive guidance, students and adults of all ages can create their own version of learning. I believe is everyone’s right, to self-express and explore without the judgement and rigidity that often shuts people down. Always approach any

situation with curiosity and care-no judgement.


A poem with a sunrise over water: immaculate dream, endless light
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