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Chewing Forgiveness: Exhaling Regret

Conflict and pain are a part of life, as unfair as it may come to us. Sometimes it teaches us lessons, tests our strength, or provides the harsh reality to shape a path we would not have ventured on without it.

Holding in emotions has proven to make one sick or sometimes we cope with drugs or alcohol, so exploring ways to understand your own emotions and figuring out how to communicate with others can be beneficial. These poems are highly emotional, but a way to process the complex realities we forge through.

Ø What words, quotes, songs, sounds help you keep pushing through the pain?

Ø What are you working through now?

Ø What feelings are you avoiding or holding in?

Ø Does someone owe you an apology? Do you owe someone else an apology? Maybe even yourself? Letter writing about emotions can be very useful-it does not mean it must be sent!

Ø You can be creative: Write a letter to your least favorite body part (do that first, share then pause and write back as that body part)

Ø One can also consider a different perspective whether is another person’s point of view or life through the eyes of any object or how life unfolds from one object.

When You Hold a Cry in for too Long

when you hold in a cry for too long,

a bar fight grows inside of you

sadness. blisters rage, fist bashing,

bar stool crashing, broken bottle

glass splinters, voices smashing

confusion, chaos, painful chase,

the bruises weigh one down,

knock out the chance to be at peace,

you wake in the morning with a hangover

ready to fight again.


A poem with a sunrise over water: immaculate dream, endless light
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