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Beloved Healing LLC

OneLovePoetics was developed to provide educational consulting, restorative poetry, writing, social justice, art, and improv workshops, as well as ghost writing and healing goods to both bring out the best in self and build community in a variety of settings from schools to clubs in the Milwaukee area.


OneLovePoetics hopes to build bridges across the vast array of cultures too often at odds while reaffirming the gifts and goodness we all posses so we can walk in our values and transform justice.

The practices and wisdom used are passed on from indigenous roots that honor the collective and individual voice while capturing the needs of modern society and highlighting the joys that empower our positive change together.

“Darlin” Nikki Janzen-the creator of OneLovePoetics works with diverse artists, teachers, parents, community partners, nonprofits and co-conspirators to create safe spaces and build bridges to create community conversations, art, and progress in hopes to continue #HealingBroken.

Nikki Janzen is an Activist, Social Justice Educator, Consultant, Restorative Workshop Change Agent, Performance Poet, Mentor, Mixed Media Artist & Healing Goods Creator working in various nonprofits while serving Milwaukee Public Schools in various capacities since 2001, and an Adjunct Professor for Viterbo University.


Nikki has travelled around the country sharing spoken word working to use poetry as a bridge between cultures. She is the CEO of OneLovePoetics LLC, and has been featured in the Shepard Express, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, on LTYM Milwaukee, CrossHatxh Poetry Series, Youth Rise Radio, published in multiple anthologies (e.g. Red Reads First, Humming Bird Press, Still Waters Press); a two time Grand Slam Spoken Word Champion of Milwaukee, 2008 Women of the World Haiku Slam Champion, 2007 MMAPSE Teacher of the Year, 2008 BET Regional Slam Winner.


She has self-published 4 chapbooks and two restorative poetry albums: Healing Broken is available on iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon. Learning to Love Like the Rising Sun: Poetry and Prompts for Healing will be available in the fall of 2021.

 #OneLovePoetics #HealingBroken

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